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Low Cost Domestic Sourcing 101,A Primer on the what, Where and how
TechAmerica, Nov 08, 2011

CEO, Amrita Joshi, will speak at the USDA TechAmerica webinar with Matthew Kazmierczak, Senior Vice President and Director of TechAmerica on November 8, 2011 at 9am PST. This webinar will cover the various aspects of low cost domestic (LCD) sourcing: typical pros and cons, common locations and factors that should be considered in choosing a location, and how the LCD model can effectively be applied to yield desired results.

Mid Markets to Marathon
Mid-Markets to Marathon: The State of HR Outsourcing
The Outsourcing Institute, October 18, 2011

Amrita Joshi discusses the future of HR with Michael Sternklar, COO and Business Leader for Mercer?s Outsourcing business. They consult the shift in the outsourcing industry concerning the increasing demand from middle market companies, the main concerns and expectations that enterprises have for service providers, and what service providers can do to get ahead in the industry.