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Global Services
The USDA's Quest to Boost the Economies of Middle America
November 27, 2012

Published byline from Ahilia Director, Juliana Gidwani, discusses the USDA's progression towards promoting rural America as a competitive destination for BPO and IT outsourcing. In addition to generating economic activity closer to home, an increasingly large number of organizations are realizing cost savings, lower turnover rates, proximity to customers, and cultural affinity in adding a domestic location to their global sourcing portfolio.

Mid-Markets to Marathon
Understanding Onshore and its Benefits
The Outsourcing Institute, November 8, 2012

Listen to Ahilia CEO, Amrita Joshi, speak at The Outsourcing Institute's webinar, Understanding Onshore and its Benefits. Along with John Williams from Collaborative Consulting, Amrita will discuss what is onshoring (or domestic sourcing) including its benefits and challenges, why this model has taken off in the past 5 years, and how it can be incorporated into a global delivery portfolio.

Ahilia Lunches Company Blog, The Queen's Court
October 3, 2012

I am thrilled to announce the launch of company blog, The Queen's court. Similar to any royal court, The Queen's Court will function as a communal forum to stimulate discussion of opinions and latest trends for all things marketing, outsourcing, and technology. our latest blog post, written Juliana Gidwani, is on the topic of creativity and technology.

Ahilia Opens First International Office in Bangalore, India
May 31, 2012

Ahilia expands its operations by opening its newest office in Bangalore, India. Thanks to its new location, Ahilia Marketing Ltd. will service its growing global clientele as well as the indian market directly. Currently the Bangalore office will focus on delivering graphic design, digital media,and website development. Arup Dey, Ahilia's Creative Director, will take the position of Managing Director in India. For more pictures, check out Facebook Album.

Tech America
Exploring Domestic Sourcing in North Texas
May 17 - 18, 2012

Read about the North Texas event that we organized with TechAmerica Foundation as part of the Domestic Sourcing initiative the USDA is promoting. Ahilia CEO, Amrita T. Joshi outlines her observations and interactions at the dynamic event as well as next steps on how domestic sourcing can gain momentum in the global services arena.

Incorporating US Domestic Locations into Your Global Outsourcing Delivery Strategy
TechAmerica, April 17, 2012

Ahilia Director, Juliana Gidwani, moderates TechAmerica?s final installment of the Low Cost Domestic Sourcing webinar series. Eric Simonson, Managing Partner at the Everest Group and Steve Ogilvie, Executive VP of Healthcare Payer Services at Firstsource Solutions USA will be discussing how the U.S. can be an attractive global sourcing destination that can be part of your global delivery strategy.

Geehan group
B2B Executive Summit
March 5 - 7, 2012

CEO, Amrita Tahiliani Joshi speaks at Geehan?s B2B Executive Summit in Coconut Grove, FL. an annual event reserved exclusively for business and marketing executives. The summit provides knowledge and guidance to help plan for strategic growth. Amrita discusses one of her key take aways from the summit in a short article on the role of marketing within an organization.